About Us

CHUGAI PHOTO & CHEMICAL plays a pioneering role in all fields of imaging, from chemicals to digital systems, as a leader in the development of an imaging culture that conveys the power, joy and beauty of life and nature in a fresher, more dynamic way. Furthermore, we continue to produce chemical products for a variety of uses, including quasi-drugs, environmental products, and industrial chemicals.

Group Vision

Since our founding, we have continued to share joy with everyone and contribute to society through a variety of products and services in the photography and imaging markets.

In recent years, the environment surrounding photography has changed dramatically with the spread of smartphones and the need to provide new value in the imaging business field, but our passion for photography and imaging has not changed. We are determined to meet the various needs of our customers by utilising the technology we have developed in the field of photography. We will continue to take on the challenges of the next stage with all our employees working together as one, continue to create new products and services, and contribute to the enrichment of everyone's lives.