The history of the company dates back to 1st October 1948, when CHUGAI PHOTO & CHEMICAL CO., LTD was established with a capital of 200,000 yen for the purpose of manufacturing photographic chemicals. Initially, the company started its business by renting a shop of a bag wholesaler in Nihonbashi-Odenmacho and setting up a desk and chairs on the tatami mats. At that time, photography was still in the era of black and white photos, with products mainly consisting of single chemicals (the raw materials for today's compounded photo chemicals), and photo development was mostly done in-house at photo shops. Since then, with the spread of color photography and the change from analogue to digital, we have always faced our customers and continued to provide the products they demand in the ever-changing photography industry.

1948 CHUGAI PHOTO & CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is established in Nihonbashi-Ohdenmacho with capital of 200,000 yen for the purpose of manufacturing and selling photographic chemicals.
1953 The Sapporo Sales Office is opened as the first sales office, with the aim of expanding the business and sales channels nationwide.
1954 A factory is opened in Narihira, Sumida-ku (current location of Tokyo Office).'Speed Fix', a rapid hardening fixer for amateur photographers, is launched and becomes the first hit product, boosting our company's reputation in the photography industry.
1961 Sakuradai Research center is established.
1962 CHUGAI CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is established to sell industrial chemicals.
1964 'Sheepdol' (high-performance fine particle developer) and 'Lisnar' (developer for lithographic film) were launched, expanding our business not only in general photography but also in the printing industry.
1965 The Soka factory is opened and the factory in Narihira, Sumida-ku is used as a distribution center for the Tokyo metropolitan area. Developed and launched a color paper processing kit (for professional use... 6-component) in an industry that is increasingly using color after the Tokyo Olympics.
1967 The research center is moved to Matsudo (location of the current research center) to expand research functions.
1968 A new head office building is built at the current location.
1970 The color paper processing kit was improved from a six-components to a five-components. The first color negative film processing kit, 'CF-1' (six-components), was also launched.
1971 A new type of color RC paper(oil-protected type), was launched by Kodak, and the first new three-bath color paper processing kit in Japan, PCP-300, was launched ahead of other domestic manufacturers.
1973 Started doing business with Ciba-Geigy Japan K.K., the Japanese branch of major chemical manufacturer Ciba-Geigy, and began dealing in black-and-white film and photographic paper from Ilford, a long-established film manufacturer in the UK, which was part of the Ciba-Geigy group of companies.
1975 Became the sole distributor of Ilford black-and-white film and photographic paper in Japan. The company also started handling Ilford Cibachrome products.
1982 The Soka factory is expanded and renovated to meet growing demand for colour photographic chemicals and graphic arts chemicals.
1984 The water-saving processing kit, "Aqulean system", for minilab systems, which have started to become popular, was launched.
1986 The distribution centre in Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, is converted into a five-story building and the sales department is relocated from the head office.
My Color Copy Center opens on the 1st floor of the head office, and a CC1217Z silver halide color copy machine is installed.
1987 A second factory was built in Mie Prefecture to meet the growing demand for minilab systems as they become widespread nationwide.
Ilford Monochrome products, which had been purchased from Ciba-Geigy Japan, were transferred to direct import from Ilford in the UK.
1988 With the spread of minilab systems, waste liquid disposal has become an issue, and we were one of the first to introduce chemical kits to the market that were compatible with waterless washing and low replenishment.
1992 Ilford becomes a subsidiary of International Paper from Ciba-Geigy, and Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) products, as well as monochrome products, move to a direct importing.
1996 Started handling "ILFOJET", a large-format inkjet photo paper developed by Ilford, and "ILFOSTAR", a large-format printer.
1997 Import and distribution of high-quality mounting board “GATORFOAM” from UNIWOOD, a subsidiary of International Paper.
1998 Launch of "Aqulean EX System", our original minilab system.
2000 Launched "Aqulean Color Paper", our original color photographic paper.
2002 JetGraph Co., Ltd established with expansion of inkjet business.
Regulations of the Water Pollution Control Act and the PRTR Law (emission and transfer registration system) are complied with, and made boric acid-free fixer.
2012 JetGraph Co., Ltd started handling Ilford inkjet paper, "GALERIE Prestige" range for the fine art printing market.
2014 ILFORD Imaging Europe GmbH (Germany) is established as a joint venture and acquired ILFORD's intellectual property rights.
Tecco GmbH (Germany) is acquired as European sales company.
Jetgraph Co., Ltd was FSC CoC certified.